BF-Bushcraft Show Se1 E5

On this week’s Barefoot Bushcraft Show we discuss the bear attack on Joe Azougar, and some of the seemingly conflicting information discussed in various newspaper articles. Also discussed was the Bear Grills Fire Kit by Gerber. As a special guest this week we interview outdoor sensation, fashion model, and radio host  Amanda Lynn Mayhew and discuss her radio show […]

Bruce Trail Hike December 25, 2006

Monday, December 25 – 2006 09:45 – 13:00 Roads: Dry / Clear Visbility: 24km Temp: 12C Area: Niagara Vehicle: Suburban REBMA Weather: Overcast Trail Conditions: wet / muddy Hikers: Wolf, Tori, Merlin, Morgana, Lupis Plan: Pick up where we left off at the last hike. Walk up-hill on four mile creek road and cross towards […]

Dynamic Earth, Sudbury Ontario

Dynamic Earth Attraction Sudbury, Ontario The city Sudbury, Ontario Canada was for many years the world hotspot for nickel mining. Currently there are two mining companies still operating in Sudbury. Sudbury was founded following the discovery of nickel ore by Tom Flanagan, a Canadian Pacific Railway blacksmith in 1883, when the transcontinental railway was near completion. Nickel mining began […]

BF-Bushcraft Show Sept 21, 2013

Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show September 21, 2013 On this special Autumn Equinox episode of the Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show, Wolfmaan and co-host A.D. Venture  discuss: Picking the proper clothing to stay dry SPOT devices praised by Search and Rescue after weekend rescues Review the Black Label Stone Cold Tanto Paracord Knife [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD EPISODE 22] […]