New Years in Galviston, Texas

New Years Eve in Galveston, Texas During the end of 2002, beginning of 2003, I found myself behind the wheel of my Freightliner FL-80 transport truck, screaming down the Interstate Highways of America heading towards one of my favourite places of the United States: Texas. About 70km south of Houston there is a small island […]

Old Welland Canal Swinging Train Bridge Dive 119

Saturday, September 29 – 2007 15:01 – 16:05 Dive Number 119 Start: 15:00 Roads: Dry / clear Visibility: 24km Temp: +22C Water Temp: +20C Area: Old Welland Canal Train Swing Bridge Vehicle: Black Sunfire Weather: Clear and Sunny Visibility: 10m Divers: Wolf, Chuck Dive Wench(es): None! Maximum Depth: 10m Plan: Explore the old Train Swing […]

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

  In an effort to broaden the minds of regular viewers, and provide some new, unique content, adventurer Wolfmaan teams up with Blue Raven to produce an amazing experience of tribal fusion dance. Please be advised this deviates from the normal travel /outdoor / bushcraft theme of this website. Wolfmaan Presents: Tribal Fusion from Wolfmaan on […]

Bruce Trail Expedition 2009 – Week 6

WEEK 6 Trip Report Bruce Trail Expedition 2009 Week 6 on the Bruce Trail spanned from Saturday, July 4th to Friday, July 10th, 2009 A week of beautiful, cool weather with a slight breeze bestowed Wolfmaan and his companion Luka on their 6th week of the Bruce Trail. Starting out in Glen Haffey conservation area, […]