Exploration of Kettle Cave

      In November of 2003, Scott Ensminger and T. Maigret discovered Kettle Cave in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada. I was fortunate that Jeff from Ontario Caves gave me the general location of the cave. I spent three days searching for the location to create this video. I hope you enjoy it. Please comment on […]

Personal ID Tags

Many adventurers put themselves in harms way on a regular basis. Imagine if something happened and you met your demise on the trails, in a cave, or other remote area. If your body turns up, it is very important that you can be easily identified to be returned to your family. When purchasing dog tags, […]

Happy Holidays from Wolfmaan

A short video from Team Wolfmaan – Thank you for making 2013 an amazing year, and a learning experience!      Article Tags: Christmas, holiday, yule, Wolfmaan, Barefoot, Siberian Husky, Husky

H.M. Dignam Land Expedition 2012

  In Early March 2012, a bunch of people I know decided to purchase a small parcel of land from a company called the H.M. Dignam Corporation in Barrie, Ontario. After a few weeks of planning, a few of those people and I decided to make the trek from Niagara Falls to Apsley, Ontario (a […]